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RH-70B Multipurpose slicer
RZ-780 Fresh, frozen, and tempered meat slicer
NR-61A Sausage link separator

NR-61A is a simple-to-operate sausage link cutter for twisted-link sausages with natural or collagen casings: drop linked sausages from one end and individual pieces come out from the other end. Its production rate, up to 2200 lbs per hour, is more than adequate for most users.

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For more information on NR-61A, refer to specifications or contact Ryowa America.

  Physical Dimensions: Length 119” (3008 mm)
Width 54” (1380 mm)
Height 60” (1524 mm)
Loading Height 35” (885 mm)
Discharge Height 13“ (340 mm)
  Drum Speed: 5 - 30 rpm
  Separation Efficiency: 95 - 100%
  Product types: Twisted link sausages with collage or natural casings
  Product Sizes (Max.): 12” long X 2” diameter (305mm X 51 mm)
  Cutting Blade: Molded SUS 304 blade folder/177pieces per unit.
  Utility Requirement: Electric 220 +/- 10 volt
60 hz/3 phase
15 amps
  Floor Plan: