RC-7800 Multipurpose slicer
RH-70B Multipurpose slicer
RZ-780 Fresh, frozen, and tempered meat slicer
NR-61A Sausage link separator

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A diagonal loading continuous feed slicer with state of the art computer control system. RH-70B features round blade orbital slicing motion that is gentle to products and enable to control blade speed and orbital speed based on the texture and firmness of products.

RH-70B is compact enough to fit to the space that most of other brands cannot. The size of RH-70B is small, but its throat size is large enough to accommodate multiple log feed. Unlike other diagonal feed slicers, RH-70B doesn’t have reloading time loss.

For more information on RH-70B, refer to specifications or contact Ryowa America.
  Physical Dimensions: Length 63” (1597 mm)
Width 40.27” (1023 mm)
Height 60.55” (1538 mm)
  Slicing Blade: Round
  Max. Blade Speed: up to 600 rpm
  Product Feed: Chain Drive/Continuous or Continual Feed
  Slice Thickness Range: 0.5 - 20.0 mm (0.02 - 0.79 inch)
  Product Sizes - Single Log: Up to 125 mm (4.9”) Round & Square
240 mm X 115 mm (9.5” X 4.5”) Rectangle
Log length Up to 1200 mm (47”)
  Product Sizes - Dual Log: 80 - 115 mm (3.2” - 4.5”) Round
80 - 110 mm (3.2” - 4.25”) Square
Log Length Up to 1200 mm (47”)
  Natural Shaped products: Consult for special application.
  Utility Requirement:

Electric 220 +/- 10 volt
60 hz/3 phase
20 amps
Air pressure min. 71 psi (5 kgf/cm2)
Air volume 1.3 gal/min. (5 liter/min.)

  Floor Plan: