RC-7800 Multipurpose slicer
RH-70B Multipurpose slicer
RZ-780 Fresh, frozen, and tempered meat slicer
NR-61A Sausage link separator

A diagonal loading gripper feed slicer with state of the art computer control system. RH-73 features round blade orbital slicing motion that is gentle to products and enable to individually control blade and orbital speeds based on the texture and firmness of products. Despite of its standard features similar to highly priced slicers offer, RH-73 is one of the least expensive models in the market, priced under $80,000.

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RH-73 is compact enough to fit to the space that most of other brands cannot. The size of RH-73 is small, but its throat size is large enough to accommodate multiple log feed, full size bacon, and large natural shaped products like roast beef.

For more information on RH-73, refer to specifications or contact Ryowa America.
  Physical Dimensions: Length 82 ” (2074 mm)
Width 43” (1081 mm)
Height 60” (1807 mm)
  Slicing Blade: Round
  Max. Blade Speed: up to 600 rpm
  Product Feed: Servo Motor Drive/Gripper Feed
  Slice Thickness Range: 0.5 - 20.0 mm (0.02 - 0.79 inch)
  Product Sizes - Single Log: Up to 125 mm (4.9”) Round & Square
240 mm X 115 mm (9.5” X 4.5”) Rectangle
Log length Up to 1200 mm (47”)
  Product Sizes - Dual Log: 80 - 115 mm (3.2” - 4.5”) Round
80 - 110 mm (3.2” - 4.25”) Square
Log Length Up to 1200 mm (47”)
  Utility Requirement:

Electric 220 +/- 10 volt
60 hz/3 phase
20 amps
Air pressure min. 71 psi (5 kgf/cm3)
Air volume 1.3 gal/min. (5 liter/min.)

  Floor Plan: