RC-7800 Multipurpose slicer
RH-70B Multipurpose slicer
RZ-780 Fresh, frozen, and tempered meat slicer
NR-61A Sausage link separator

Company Profile:

A division of dynamic Ryowa Company Ltd. established in 1967, Ryowa Company (America) Inc. serves North America meat and poultry operations.

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Today, Ryowa America has versatile, continuous feed slicers for whatever you're slicing. Whether it's fresh or tempered -- luncheon meats, dry and semidry sausages, including pepperoni, or thinly sliced Philadelphia style steaks.

Ryowa America Computer-controlled slicers are designed for sustained production runs, hour after hour - loading and slicing round or square logs up to "65," with exact numbers of thin and thick (0.05mm - 20mm) bulk, shingle, or stack slices at variable speed up to 1,500 rpm. Scaling systems adjust for accurate weight control. Plus there’s next to nothing in giveaways.

Ryowa America also offers incredibly fast link cutter for franks and other sausages. The operation is simple; throw branches of linked sausages in one end and separated sausages come out from the other end of machine. Up to 2000 lbs of linked sausages are cut within an hour.
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